Can I warm your Balanced Raw dinners?

Can I warm your Balanced Raw dinners?

Yes! (for recipes without bones)

If your family member prefers warm food, you may gently warm but not cook the food in the microwave or with hot water being careful not to cook the food.

Microwave instructions:
Heat the food in the microwave in 10 seconds intervals until it is no hotter than 100F temperature. 

Hot water instructions:
Place the food in a waterproof container, and place the container into a larger container filled with hot water, similar to the idea of a double boiler. Do not heat past the aforementioned 100F temperature. 
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    • Can I cook your Species Balanced™ dinners?

      No! Cooking is not recommended for Species Balanced™ Raw diets as it degrades the available nutrients potentially unbalancing the dinners. Species Balanced™ Charcuterie Pâtés are gently cooked to a minimum of 165 degrees F in their final packaging.
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      Transitioning any animal to a raw diet can be challenging as every animal is unique, and doubly so if they are transitioning from dried kibble, or other foods engineered for attractiveness. Don't give up!  You can succeed no matter how stubborn your ...
    • Do I need to add supplements to your Species Balanced™ dinners?

      No! Our Species Balanced™ dinners are formulated to meet and exceed AAFCO's requirements for "Complete and Balanced for All Life Stages". Any supplementation beyond AAFCO's requirements should be done in consultation with your trusted veterinarian.
    • How will the Species Balanced™ dinners be delivered to my home?

      Your Species Balanced™ dinners will be shipped in an eco-cooler packed with sufficient dry ice needed to arrive at your location still frozen or cold to touch. If they aren't please contact us immediately at or ...
    • Are your Species Balanced™ dinners safe for my furfam?

      Yes! We take additional steps to provide your furfam with a safe and healthy diet - Learn more about Species Balanced™ for Cats and Species Balanced™ for Dogs.