Can too much protein harm my cat/dog?

Can too much protein harm my cat/dog?

This is a great question and why Balanced Blends' Species Balanced™ dinners conform to the AAFCO nutrient profiles for both cats and dogs as there are nutrient limits that can be exceeded if attention is not paid during recipe formulation.

• Cats
Crude Protein - No stated maximum
Amino Acid -  Methionine - Max 3.75 g / kcal *
Amino Acid - Tryptophan - Max 4.25 g / kcal
Amino Acid - All others - No stated maximum

• Dogs
Crude Protein - No stated maximum
Amino Acids - No stated maximum

* Boneless/skinless chicken and turkey have high levels of methionine that exceed the AAFCO stated maximums if fed exclusively.  Balanced Blends reduces the density of methionine by adding methionine free calorie sources (fats) to their recipes.
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