Chubs are messy and inconvenient, why not use... ?

Chubs are messy and inconvenient, why not use... ?

We continue to debate this topic and will happily switch to alternative packaging once we find a better alternative :)

Here is a bit of insight into why we chose the current chub packaging.

Requirements for packaging...

• First, to be compatible with our High Pressure Pasteurization (HPP) safety process, the packaging needs to be sufficiently flexible so as to transfer the pressure directly onto the product contained within.

• Second, there should be little to no air inside the packaging to prevent product spoilage as fats go rancid when exposed to oxygen (yes even in the freezer) and accelerated nutrient decay.

• Third, we wanted to employ the least amount of packaging possible to reduce the load on recycling centers and landfills.

Why not reusable containers with lids?
Definitely the winner in terms of convenience... simply scoop and close.

In practice, these reusable containers trap a meaningful amount of air in contact with the product leading to potential spoilage and accelerated nutrient decay.

Then there is the pragmatic question of how many reusable containers do you need?  Our furfam currently is consuming over 1 lb of Balanced Raw dinners for cats per day - that's 365 reusable container/year that we'd have to do something with or send to waste management.

Why not a bag with nuggets, patties, etc?
A close second in terms of convenience... simply portion and serve!

We elected not to go this route as it would require reopening the package after HPP, allowing for the possibility of accidental pathogen contamination during the extruding and freezing process.

This format also exposes the product to air trapped inside the container allowing for product spoilage and nutrient decay.

Why not blister packs?
Believe it or not, we actually began shipping with blister packs with a peel back top as they look nice, pack well, and were supposed to be convenient.

In practice, they are messy.  The HPP process we use to ensure safety separates some amount of moisture from the product, often resulting in an uncontrolled product release when opened.  Personally, we were not excited when we realized we needed to clean raw meat off the kitchen ceiling!  (true story!)

Why not a tear open pouch?
Same "messy" issues as with blister packs.  Personally our success rate at opening this type of packaging without making a mess has been less than ideal.

Why not a squeeze packaging of some kind?
A squeeze pack like those used for "fruit sauces" would be convenient but would lead to more waste and higher expense. 
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