Color variations in product... Is it Safe?

Color variations in product... Is it Safe?

This is normal and not typically a reason for concern.

Species Balancedâ„¢ dinners are prepared in Small Batches with fresh ingredients sourced from a number of different vendors leading to natural variations even in the same production lot.

If your furfam who has been successfully transitioned to Balanced Blends' Species Balancedâ„¢ dinners is rejecting the food, please reach out to us at or 1-800-475-8313 and reference your order number and lot code (printed on the box).
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    • How long can I store your product?

      Stored frozen, the product will remain nutritious and safe for at least 3 months from date of delivery.
    • Are your Species Balanced™ dinners safe for my furfam?

      Yes! We take additional steps to provide your furfam with a safe and healthy diet - Learn more about Species Balanced™ for Cats and Species Balanced™ for Dogs.
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