Do you offer Local Pickup?

Do you offer Local Pickup?

At this time we do not offer local pickup anywhere, including Boulder, CO.

The reason is simply that there are no HPP operators within 500 miles of us that accept raw pet food.  This means that after our food is made, we ship it to our HPP partner, who is out of state, and unfortunately cannot accommodate local pick-up either. 
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      At this time we do not offer coupons, discounts, or free samples on our products. As a family oriented company we've done our best to deliver the best possible price to all customers without needing any discount codes.
    • Do you have variety packs?

      While we don't offer specifically created variety packs, all of our products are sold in 1 lb. increments, which means you can pick and choose which proteins and styles (raw or cooked) you order, and can mix these across breeds, too. Our only ...
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      In the unlikely case that your Furfam's food arrives thawed and warm to touch please contact us immediately at or 1-800-475-8313 and reference your order number. If the food is still refrigerator temperature it is safe to ...
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