My order arrived thawed!!!

My order arrived thawed!!!

In the unlikely case that your Furfam's food arrives thawed and warm to touch please contact us immediately at or 1-800-475-8313 and reference your order number.

If the food is still refrigerator temperature it is safe to refreeze.

Limitation: If the food was thawed because you were unable to receive it on your pickup day, we may not be able to refund or replace your order.
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    • Can I refreeze thawed chubs?

      Yes.  Our product can be safely refrozen provided the white chubs have not been opened, thawed for more than a few days, or stored above refrigerator temperature.
    • When and How will my order ship?

      Please see for details on our new simplified shipping program.
    • Can I place an order over the phone or email?

      For your safety, our policy prevents us from taking credit card information by phone, email, or any other means other than your entering it on the website. As added security, our software prevents us from seeing your credit card information.
    • Do you have variety packs?

      While we don't offer specifically created variety packs, all of our products are sold in 1 lb. increments, which means you can pick and choose which proteins and styles (raw or cooked) you order, and can mix these across breeds, too. Our only ...
    • Why Reserve Inventory?

      When trying to order, you might occasionally notice that the "ADD TO CART" button is replaced with an inactive "RESERVED" button instead for certain products. If you are seeing this it means that we've had in issue in our supply chain that is ...