What's the best way to to open and store the product?

What's the best way to to open and store the product?

This is the method that we've settled on during our 10+ years of experience feeding raw to our furfam.

Opening Chubs:
The easiest way that we've found to open chubs with minimal mess is to
  1. use a serrated knife and cut them across the middle without cutting through (stop just short)
  2. then fold the chub in half and squeeze from the ends to cleanly release the product into a reusable storage container

Once in the container, we break up the food with a spoon into reasonable sized chunks.

When it is time to serve we simply scoop out an appropriate amount of food based on our Feeding Guidelines for (Cats and Dogs) adjusted for their current activity levels to ensure they are hungry but not starving by their next meal.
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