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            When do I need to reorder? This is confusing!

            Agreed!  It can be confusing especially as furfams can vary their consumption depending on activity, seasonal shifts, weather, vacations, and other factors.

            We recommend ordering on Sundays to ensure delivery the same week.

            The rule of thumb that we suggest is the following:
            1. On Sunday take an inventory of the still frozen dinners
            2. It is time to reorder if the amount left frozen is less than 1 weeks of average consumption (see Feeding Guidelines for Cats and Dogs)
              1. During inclement seasons it may be wise to maintain 2 weeks of buffer.
            What this does is ensure that any variations in consumption or shipping delays (holidays/weather) can be smoothed over.

            Formula: (Daily Average in Ounces)  * (7 days) / (16 Ounces/Pound)

            For example using our furfam:
            Daily Average: 19 oz/day
            Weekly Average: 8.3 lb/week = (19 oz/day * 7 days/week)/16 oz/lb
            So when we reorder on Sundays when we have 1.5 frozen 5-lb cases left.

            If you need help, feel free to reach out to or 1-800-475-8313 and we'll help your build a personalized schedule.
            Updated: 07 Jul 2019 01:12 PM
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