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            Why Reserve Inventory?

            When trying to order, you might occasionally notice that the "ADD TO CART" button is replaced with an inactive "RESERVED" button instead for certain products.

            If you are seeing this it means that we've had in issue in our supply chain that is preventing us from satisfying both our existing customers and any new customers such as yourself.  Thank you for registering and taking a close look at our products!

            Why don't we allow anyone to order on a first come first served basis?

            We reserve inventory for our existing extended furfam members to minimize the stress that temporary transitioning to another recipe may cause - in many cases our extended furfam members have dietary restrictions that makes this difficult or impossible.

            How do you determine when to reserve existing inventory?

            We closely monitor both our inventory levels and consumption rates. When our inventory levels shrink sufficiently to put our existing customer at risk, we will preemptively prevent new customers from being able to purchase those products.

            How do you determine how much inventory to order?

            When we place an order we take the following into account:
            1. How long it takes from the time we place our purchase order to when it is ready to be ordered.
            2. The needs of our existing customers
            3. The needs of expected new customers
            4. An additional percentage to account for normal operational issues.
            How will I know when products are back in stock?

            We publish this information to our Operations Blog.

            Updated: 19 Jun 2019 01:38 AM
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